Who’s responsible for a flat tire?

Renter responsibility for a flat tire

If a Renter gets a flat tire during a trip, they are responsible for the cost to repair or replace it. Flat tires that occur because a Renter accidentally damaged the tire or because of vandalism are unfortunate. But Renters are responsible for the damage costs because they’re responsible for the vehicle during the booked period. However, Renters who choose the Premier protection plan offered through Austin Luxury Motors never pay flat tire costs, regardless of circumstances.

Austin Luxury Motors responsibility for a flat tire

If a flat tire is caused by host neglect or poor maintenance, the host would be responsible for the damage costs. The company bear the cost of tire replacement or repair if it’s professionally documented that the flat resulted from:

  • a defect
  • a cut, gouge, bulge, or bubble on the sidewall
  • excessive wear that made it unsafe to be driven at the start of the trip
  • improper inflation at the start of the trip
  • a tread depth of less than 4/32”
  • signs of dry rot
  • an age of more than six years

What should I do if I get a flat tire?

If you get a flat tire during a trip, do the following: 


Contact roadside assistance. 

In the US, call 1-415-965-4525.

Contact the company to coordinate repair or replacement.  

If the tire can be repaired, it might be best to do so.

If the sidewall is damaged or the tire can’t be repaired, get the host’s approval to replace the tire with one of equal or greater quality.

 Make no reduction or pro-ration based on mileage.

You’re not responsible for replacing any of the non-damaged tires.